War on Secura: European Championship 2008

Since this day a massive street war is going on at Secura. The European Championship 2008 in soccer divides the tibian community into their different homecountrys and big flaming starts everywhere.
Most of the time it is fun. Here some impressions of it and of the black-red-yellow team.

carlin soccer2 Here you see the german force starting to build up themselves and try to make a stand against the full power of the Polish. Very intresting is the little br there, that is a little bit sad, that his county could not play at the Championship.

fussball 5 tibia As you can see, the polish used unfair tactics. They cast spells on you, so we were colorless rats or even worse, chickens that have to wear red-white. So they brought down one after the next of our brave troups in Carlin.

tibia soccer 4 Right here with Trusty facing the evul enemy. Even if they have strong forces we fought brave and they could not crush us. At least we have to go down to Thais and renew our troups there to build up a new defensive line.

fussball 7 tibia In Thais we found the force of Swe and teamed up with them against the evul polish. Poland tried to bring us down but finally we managed to sweep em out of Thais. This was a big victory for us all. The Swe swarmed out after the battle searching for cheap alcohol in the streets of Kazordoon. We can only hope that they find, what they are looking for.

fussball 9 tibia In the end we had a big party and showed our colors to the world. We all know, the peace will not last for ever and the last news say, the polish form up their troups in the area of Venore again. Who knows what the future will bring, but till then we saved Secura from the evul PL-power.

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