Valentina in Greenshore ( ElfenconspirationII ? )

Today i will talking a little bit about Valentina in Greenshore. She first showed up at 14 February 2008 and did a mistake by selling torches then flowers this day. Maybe it was a little joke by cip or just a bug, on the 15.February she is „working“ normal.
You can find Valentina on the marketplace of greenshore. About herself she says, that she never was away from greenshore and that she is a mother, a grandmother and a housewife. She sells their selfmade things to travelers to bring the love in the world. She says love is the most important thing in the world.

Elfenconspiration: So more and more flowers are brought and sold to tibian lands these days. Any other dwarven smells the stinky fish too?

She offers:

Flower Bouquet 20 gp

Valentine’s Cake 30 gp

Valentine’s Card 5 gp

Present Box 10 gp

Here is the conversation with her:
09:38 Amuno [146]: hi
09:38 Valentina: Hello there!
09:38 Amuno [146]: offer
09:38 Valentina: I’m selling bouquets of flowers from my garden. You can also have homemade cakes in heart shape, valentines cards and present boxes. All you need to surprise your beloved and show them that you care about them.
09:38 Amuno [146]: bouquet
09:38 Valentina: I’m sorry if I accidentally gave you a torch earlier… Do you want to buy a flower bouquet for 20 gold?
09:38 Amuno [146]: yes
09:38 Valentina: Here you are.
09:39 Amuno [146]: cakes
09:39 Valentina: Do you want to buy a heart cake for 30 gold?
09:39 Amuno [146]: yes
09:39 Valentina: Here you are.
09:39 Amuno [146]: valentine card
09:39 Valentina: Do you want to buy a valentine card for 5 gold?
09:40 Amuno [146]: present box
09:40 Valentina: Do you want to buy a present for 10 gold?09:40 Amuno [146]: job
09:40 Valentina: You’re cute. Actually my job is being a mother, a grandmother and a housewife but I can also offer you some items for your beloved.
09:40 Amuno [146]: love
09:40 Valentina: Love is the most important thing in the world and I help you express it. Just ask me about my offers and I tell you what you can buy.
09:41 Amuno [146]: greenshore
09:41 Valentina: I grew up here, I spent most of my time here and it is very likely that I will die here. Greenshore is a lovely place.
09:42 Amuno [146]: story
09:42 Valentina: What should I tell you? I am old and I have many things to tell even if most of the things apply to greenshore and its surrounding, the ocean and its Islands offshore.
09:44 Amuno [146]: flowers
09:44 Valentina: All flowers have been grown by myself around Greenshore.

09:44 Valentina: Come back if you need presents for your beloved.

09:47 Amuno [146]: bye
09:47 Valentina: Good bye my dear visitor.

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