Tip: Dwarvenrings and Buddel

We all know Buddel in Svargrond, always drunken like a hole barral of dwarvenbeer, shipping us more or less correctly around the near isles: Tyrsung, Okolnir, Hrodmir and Helheim.
How deep we feel with him, when i took the wrong direction 7 times in a row. Almost physically we can share the pain with him and some of us, just have to hunt some monsters to get this 50 Bucks for one more try…On the other hand, most of us hang around in den Formagor Mines or hunt elsewhere Cultis from time to time. They make you drunk and you run around like an Ab’Dendriel Elv. For sure you try to hunt em with a dwarvenring on you. A dwarvenring have 60 minutes on it, so use it 59 minutes and then just start a new one and keep this almost useless ring for our poor brother Buddel.
If you carry that ring with one minute left in your backpack and travel with Buddel, he will bring you straight to the right place and you don’t have to waste tons of gold.

Lets do a little math here:
Lets say, you bought the dwarvenring for 200 gp (Djin is just crazy with 2k each ring) and used it almost the hole hour. So the ring pays himself right here. You come back from a hard days work out of mines, just take the rest of the sunlight and you say to yourself: „Well, why not bring down some of that frostys or fight back that evul Bastards ehrm Babarians! Hello Buddel, bring me to the front plz!“

So, without the dwarvenring in your backpack you really get the nerv of the classic Greek mythology of odyssey and it was heared of people driving 9 times in a row to the wrong place. The main is not the money ( 9×50 = 450 gp ), it breaks you much more down, when you used your last gps and land on the camp, where you will have lots to do, to earn 50 gp to get away. The second is, when you just run to buddel: „hi go Okolnir yes“ „hi go Okolnir yes“ and „hi go Okolnir yes“ Then you will be muted for 20 seconds.

Most will say, it starts will say, yes, only 20 seconds… but hey, who else is out there, that feels this 20 seconds almost like one hour?

So don’t use the dwarvenrings to the last second, its much better to give it to our old drunken buddy Buddel!

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