Tibra in Carlin

You see Tibra. She lives in the Carlin Library and Congress Hall just west of the depot. She is a priest of the great pantheon. She know very much about the gods. She will heal players if they are really bad wounded. Around Tiba there spwan2 flowerbowls and some candelabrum.

Here the full conversation:

00:24 Amuno the Druid [30]: hi
00:24 Tibra: Welcome in the name of the gods, pilgrim Amuno the Druid!

00:25 Amuno the Druid [30]: job
00:25 Tibra: I am a priest of the great pantheon.

00:25 Amuno the Druid [30]: help
00:25 Tibra: You aren’t looking that bad. Sorry, I need my powers for cases more severe than yours.

00:25 Amuno the Druid [30]: mission
00:25 Tibra: It is my mission to bring the teachings of the gods to everyone.

00:27 Amuno the Druid [30]: queen eloise
00:27 Tibra: Queen Eloise is wise to listen to the proposals of the druidic followers of Crunor.

00:27 Amuno the Druid [30]: Crunor
00:27 Tibra: Crunor, the great tree, is the father of all plantlife. He is a prominent god for many druids.

00:28 Amuno the Druid [30]: god
00:28 Tibra: The gods of good guard us and guide us, the gods of evil want to destroy us and steal our souls!

00:29 Amuno the Druid [30]: gods of good
00:29 Tibra: The gods we call the good ones are Fardos, Uman, the Elements, Suon, Crunor, Nornur, Bastesh, Kirok, Toth, and Banor.

00:29 Amuno the Druid [30]: Fardos
00:29 Tibra: Fardos is the creator. The great obsever. He is our caretaker.

00:29 Amuno the Druid [30]: Uman
00:29 Tibra: Uman is the positive aspect of magic. He brings us the secrets of the arcane arts.

00:30 Amuno the Druid [30]: Suon
00:30 Tibra: Suon is the lifebringing sun. He observes the creation with love.

00:31 Amuno the Druid [30]: bastesh
00:31 Tibra: Bastesh, the deep one, is the goddess of the sea and its creatures.

00:32 Amuno the Druid [30]: kirok
00:32 Tibra: Kirok, the mad one, is the god of scientists and jesters.

00:32 Amuno the Druid [30]: toth
00:32 Tibra: Toth, Lord of Death, is the keeper of the souls, the guardian of the afterlife.

00:32 Amuno the Druid [30]: banor
00:32 Tibra: Banor, the heavenly warrior, is the patron of all fighters against evil. He is the gift of the gods to inspire humanity.

00:33 Amuno the Druid [30]: fire
00:33 Tibra: Fire is one of the primal elemental forces, sometimes worshipped by tribal shamans.

00:33 Amuno the Druid [30]: life
00:33 Tibra: The teachings of Crunor tell us to honor life and not to harm it.

00:34 Amuno the Druid [30]: gods of evil
00:34 Tibra: The gods we call the evil ones are Zathroth, Fafnar, Brog, Urgith, and the Archdemons!

00:34 Amuno the Druid [30]: zathroth
00:34 Tibra: Zathroth is the destructive aspect of magic. He is the deciver and the thief of souls.

00:35 Amuno the Druid [30]: fafnar
00:35 Tibra: Fafnar is the scorching sun. She observes the creation with hate and jealousy.

00:35 Amuno the Druid [30]: brog
00:35 Tibra: Brog, the raging one, is the great destroyer. The berserk of darkness.

00:37 Amuno the Druid [30]: Urgith
00:37 Tibra: The bonemaster Urgith is the lord of the undead and keeper of the damned souls.

00:37 Amuno the Druid [30]: archdemons
00:37 Tibra: The demons are followers of Zathroth. The cruelest are known as the ruthless seven.

00:27 Amuno the Druid [30]: ruthless seven
00:27 Tibra: I dont want to talk about that subject!

00:36 Amuno the Druid [30]: wooden stake
00:36 Tibra: A blessed stake? That is a strange request, my child. Maybe Quentin knows more, he is one of the oldest monks after all.

23:46 Amuno the Druid [30]: sell
23:46 Tibra: The grace of the gods must be earned, it cannot be bought!

23:54 Amuno the Druid [30]: money
23:54 Tibra: Do you want to make a donation?
23:54 Amuno the Druid [30]: yes
23:54 Tibra: May the gods bless you! (green sparkels on player and 15 gp less at the player)

00:00 Amuno the Druid [30]: donation
00:00 Tibra: Do you want to make a donation?
00:00 Amuno the Druid [30]: yes ( if you no gold on char)
00:00 Tibra: Don’t be ashamed, but you lack the gold.

00:42 Amuno the Druid [30]: bye
00:42 Tibra: Good bye, Amuno the Druid. May the gods be with you to guard and guide you, my child!

19:11 Amuno the Druid [34]: how are you
19:11 Tibra: Thank you, I’m fine, the gods give me hope and comfort.

19:15 Amuno the Druid [34]: time
19:15 Tibra: Now, it is 6:14 am.

19:24 Amuno the Druid [34]: tibia
19:24 Tibra: The world of Tibia is the creation of the gods.

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