Tibia new Deathpenalty and Blessings

broken amulet and ice mammoth Once again Cip sit back in their office and worked out a big plan, how to destroy the orginal Tibia-feeling…
Now for the second time the screwing at the Deathpenalty and for the second time, the destroy a good working amulet. Here are all news from the teaser and how the new penalty and the blessings are working.

AoL, Amulet of Life and Broken amulet

On the little picture you can see, on what many people were proud till this update. An old amulet of life, or better said now a broken amulet. A semiunique item from the old days of Tibia. With the next Update the Amulet of Loss will go the same way like the amulet of life some years ago and become a broken amulet. From this point on, there will be thousends and thousends of new broken amulets. Till this update teaser comes out from chip, a broken amulet have the worth of around 200 – 300 €. Some minutes after the teaser price is faling down to 5.00 €.
Thx chip for destroying the searches for uniques and ultrarares.

New Deathpenalty:

The new deathpenalty depends on the level of the char. Till now it was 10% for every player and every level. Now only players till level 30 will loose 10% and after it, it will go down a little bit.
A player around level 100 will loose 4.5% of his gainings without blessings, before it was 10%. As higher your level, as lower is your deathpenalty by %. A level 350+ will still loose incredible much, but thats another point.
However, promotion will still give you a 30% advantage at loose.

New blessings

Blessings are from now on cheaper and better, too. If you are a lowlevel till level 120 you can save a lots of money by using blessings. They are cheaper for levels below that point. Above 120 every blessing will coast 20.000 gp. On the first view, that would be double as much as now, but blessings are protecting your belongings now, too. A player with 5 blessings will drop 0% of his backpack or his items. So the the advantage is, that you just win a place for a nice useful amulet, that was till now always used for the AoL.

The big point here is, that Cip don’t thought 2 seconds about their stupid idea. Just lets say, you are a highlevel, gets killed by kick and log in on the server again. Now the story goes:
Till today:
You log in again, starting in tempel. Opening your backpack, put out your second AoL and step out to the world, with a quick journey to the bank for 100.000 k cash, and then rebuy all blessings and a second AoL.

Story from today on:
You log in again adn start in tempel. You are out of blessings, feel just fine, that you don’t have to search for the second Aol, cause it not longer exists. You step out of the tempel and heading to bank for some handmoney for the new blessings. Would be better to buy em fast again, cause another lag, will costs you a lot of experience and skill.
5 sqm in front of tempel a bunch of PKs come out of nowhere and bring you down, cause the know, your items are not protected, cause you can’t have blessings till now. So a sweet short kill later you start again in tempel, without pants, your backpack and your weapon and the bunch of Pks, waiting just out there for a second chance to take the rest…


Seems so, it is not enough for CIP to kill uniques and rares, no, now the want to bring down the players again…

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