Tibia: Apes – Kongra, Shibang and Merlklin the moneymachines

There is a large djungle behind the lovely city of Port Hope and if you fight your way far into the heart of it, you can reach a forgotten town where many apes are living these days…

The huntingground:
Its a nice wide area and approximately 200 ape-creatures could spawn there in total. This large amount makes it easy to share the spawn with many people and still have to do all the time. For weaker players the litte pyramids can be save places if there are to many apes at the groundlevel. The levels below surface provide wide area with hordes of apes. For some magical players area-runes could be usefull and still bring money to em.

The creatures:

kongra in tibia The Kongra in is a meleefighter and engages you in close combat. He has 340 hitpoints and brings 115 xp. So for a good knight it is a one-hit-kill. The good loot is up to 30 gp, platearmor, ape fur, club ring and health potion. His damage per round is max. 50-60 and can be blocked with decent skills.

shibang in tibia The shibang is the distancefighter of the apes. 225 hp so once again a one-hit-kill. Problem is, if you don’t kill em fast they run away really fast. But now the good news, their good loot is up to 30 gp, up to 3 stones and ape fur. In this times, where all paladins are crazy with stones (20 gp / stone) it is a very good business to collect em.

merklin in tibia Here you can see a Merlkin. The Merkins are a little bit the sorrow. They do almost all types of damage, shoot poisonfields and heal themselfs. Before the update they could spam all together and so they were a little bit pain. Now after the update you can kill em fast and sometimes it looks a little bit like the Merlkins don’t know, what they should use out of their arsenal. 😉 For that the loot is really fine: about 40 gp, mana potion, Wand of Decay, small ammy ape fur and the lovley Banana Staff.


I would say for a knight with nice skills and lvl 100 its easy to earn 10k cash an hour. Just keep killing the apes, from time to time an exura to heal and that’s it. You collect stones, platearmors, rings, staffs and the cash untill your cap is full. Then run back to port hope, sell the platearmors there, put the money on bank and throw the rest in your local depot. Wait till you have a full bp of small stones and then sell em.
The good thing is, you have only to carry a very small amount of supply with you there. The apes hardly make any damage and you see many guys just waiting 2 minutes with softboots there, till they can heal out. So at least almost every gp you grab is a real win to your bank-account and the larger cap will bring even more cash. The town is not sooo far away and so it isn’t a problem, that there is no postbox.
Sure the xp is not the best, but about lags and kicks you can only laugh, the apes won’t bring you down. Sure, you can have more lootluck at bigger monsters, but first you have to use supply, second you are always in danger of kicks and we all know the evul time, when 2 days not one rare drops.
10k cash per hour is a very fine money-rate and if you have time and you are around port hope, or want to bring the last minutes of softboots away with a little cash, then the ape-village is always worth a look.

Images are take from Tibia-Wiki and contains Copyright of Cip-Soft!

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