Tibia 8.20 – the first experience

I logged in and thought, that could be a really nice update. I started in the Temple of Carlin and followed a hint from a friend to search some npc in Thais. At the boat the first shock, some noob spammed me in private chat and i was so angry, that i tried to put him on my permignorelist.
Then i got it, it was the Captain that spammed me. No more talking to npc in public, so i thought okay, why not, many people can talk to a npc at the same time.
A few minutes later i felt the disatvantage of the new system, cause you are clicking like retarded from channel to channel. The next interaction with npcs was the new trade-system, that works no longer by typing. Trade with npc-merchants was very intersting, when you do it the first dozen times, after that it is just hard work, especially for a knight, who collects every garbage he can find. But hey, you train your typing and after a while you get it. Now you say: „Hi“, „trade“, click on sell, click on the item you want to sell, then you work with your mouse the number of items out, and then you click on okay. Till now it was, „hi“ „sell 1467 mace“ and „yes“. In the new tradesytem you don’t even have the chance to type the number of items, you have to do it with the mouse. If you have mixed items to sell, you have to do it with all this stuff over and over again and not even the number of items that you carry is shown somewhere. The old tradesystem was 5 times faster, then the new one…

Okay i thought to myself, then lets visit your beloved Kazordoon, the home of my kind, the dwarves. And here i got got a smile on my face for the first time. Along with the update Kazordoon got a new outfit and it is really nice, much lava, much fire and a good stone-structure. The look is great. Happily i bought a ticket for the new ore-waggon-transport-system and started a little journey. I was really disappointed by that! The only good journey with the system is from depot to the steamboat, for all other you can use your feet. There is no new fast way to the dwarfbridge or hills, that would bring some more people to Kazo. The so called mainentrance to Kazo is for Cip directly to kazo-prison. If you want to enter Kazo from the south-side, then use the way with the elevator to the farms, if you want to leave kazo fast, then use the hidden escape of Emperor Kruzak. So no good change here.

The new quests:
There are more elvenropes out there, then players… Thx cip for destroying another really great item, that every player was looking for…
The Elemental Spheres: Wow, great, knights won’t really reach the sphere, cause they can’t make stones, so they have to kill thousends of dark-mages or buy em, then travel there and make a happy quick escape back, proudly to be alive. A lvl 30 mage, does his own stones, enters the sphere easily, thinks to himself, wow, nice light-creatures and dies instantly. At least, its like a good old joke of Knightmare 🙂
Orc-Wars: A really nice quest in the first place, but even here you have a disatvantage. You start the mini-raids and many players think, its better to run, then to fight. So you have at the entrance of the Orc-land massive troups of free orcs, that brings lower-levels easy down. The war-villages of the orcs containing free warlords and many other orcs. From that point of view it is a joke, that there is a experience-door in the orc-fort. If you can handle all monster till this door, you are able to handle everything behind it. The other joke is, that you getting 1k experience for that quest, but alone if you killed all the miniraids you earned around 20k xp.

The new equipment and items. Finally some new armors for Knights, Paladins and new stuff for mages. For mages its maybe cool, but whats with the knights? An Ice-Armor that have arm 13 and give 3 % of ice-protection?
Lets math a little bit around: You loose 4 Arm if you wear it and not the mpa. For that you get 3% Iceprotection. Lets say, you go to okolnir, so you will get many ice-attacks, but hey, 3% is a bad joke. on 250-hits you get 8 less damage, but the normal hits will continue. So mages got ml up, palas dist up and knights? Nothing like everytime.

To the new weapons:
Okay, knights got new weapons, axes, maces and swords. Nothing to say about and i don’t know all stats till now, so i can’t say if they are balanced or not. But what i can say is, that they are absolutly overpowered. For example Hellforged Axe have stats of 51+2 and is onehanded. That makes it 2 points better then a SoV. Even worse, there are Solar Axe with 52+3, that are 4 points better then a SoV. Okay, if these weapons come to market such items like the really famous thunderhammer and others will be just useless. The annhi is from now on only a bad joke 🙁

So, okay, time will tell, if they fix some of the problems or not, but if not, then Tibia have taken the next step down.

Palas have not the heaven on earth. Lets say they wear a Masters Archer’s Armor with dist-skill+3 and that with an Royal Crossbow with att+5 and hit + 3%, the have a nice update. There are rumors that say, that there is a chainbolter out, with Att + 8. With this combination a Paladin would be have an attack-advance from +11 in total. If every Point Att only gives 5 damage it would be a damageraise of 55 in average on every hit. So every Pala should be happy, that this update has come.

Some offical answers and statements to tibia 8.2 was given now from Caraban / Cip
Here is the feedback-topic: –>> Link <<–
Like everytime, Caraban say, not all works perfect and Cip is working on the problems. The only question is then, why they don’t work on the problems before they update?
Good joke is his answer about the trading system: –>> Caraban on Trade <<–
To handle the trade in the new and in the old style, would cost em the double time. Great, thx that the players saved Cip so much time, they only have to use five times the amount to trade and refill, then before the new trade system. And i really was such an idiot, that i thought the Company works for its costomers and not the other way 😀
At least he give a nice advidce for refill many backpacks with fluids on page 33 of the topic.

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