Tibia 8.1: Swimming rocks!

tibiaswimming1 The new update is out and so it is time to talk about the big new things in the tibian lands. Okay, okay, pallys and knights are shit again, Mages get back some powers and now the time of the druids has come. There are elements out there, weaponenchant and you can use potions, but that is all nothing against SWIMMING !

As free-acc you can swim south of thais at the point where you go down to Fibula. Even nice said its only a little lake and you can’t have fun there really. So buy a Prem and travel to liberty bay, leave the little city direction north and heading to the ocean. There you will find a fine bay only for swimming.

RonjasDruidandPoson Here you can see, that it is fun to stay there and just scream things around. Myself was there around 2 hours just yelling: „BEWARE OF YELLOW WATER!“ and such things. Was a great fun. So far i know, Liberty Bay is even the only swimmingpoint that has its own jumptower. You can climb 2 stairs up and have a good stylish jump in the cold wet 🙂

assbomb Here you can see my stylish assbomb! There was many more jumpers, that brings great jumps down, and you can belive me, everybody comes down. We are all true heros and i have almost seen none, that could’t that the hight and go down the ladder again.

divein here you can see me diving in the fresh new water area 🙂 So lets talk a little bit about the sense of that all. Clear answer: absolutly no sense, but style and great fun. We do races, jumpcompetitions and scream around like little childs there ( hey and almost everyone of us was lvl 100+) So for me i can say, this is the best update since years. It don’t really harm anybody, you can just have fun there and it has some place left for your own ideas.

Washing So nothing else lef, then to say: THX CIP for SWIMMING AFTER ALL THIS YEARS OF DIRT WITHOUT A CHANCE TO WASH 😀 Maybe you can do more such updates just for fun, then thinking about balance and such garbage, that nobody cares about 😉

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