The moral of RL-Trade

Everybody, that visit this site knows, that im a RL-trader for tibian cash on secura. Some days ago i visited a conference of some guilds and one of the topics was RL-trades. I was suprised to see, how many people are straight against it and for them i have to be the pure evil.  I thought much about it and finally decided to write an article about rl-trades. Tada, here it is.

To explain the rl-trades, we have to watch 2 sides: the seller and the buyer. I want to begin here with the sellers side. Oh before i write further, this article has nothing to do with Char-trades! That is something against the Tibiarules and i don’t support this in any way!

First we have to see, why somebody decide to sell items and cash in a game like Tibia.
For sure, there are some sellers out there, that make a nice money with it. Lets say, you are a pupil for example in Brasil. The itemprices for you are high and you get your extra-cash every month by selling some items and gp. Maybe you go out with it and have an extradrink with your girlfriend or something like that. ( Yes i know, hard to belive, that some tibiaplayers have relationships :p ) So the first reason to sell is cash.
For everybody, that the servers could be invased by hordes of Asia, stay cool. Tibia is not this big, that the will stop their WOW-Farms or their station in other Games.
But how is it with all the european sellers? Could hardly be the cash, cause to get the gps is really work. So here comes my personal part of the story. I play the vocation knight and i am more a quester, then a hardcore powerlevling man. Sure i kill everything, that comes in my sight, but im looking, that im not wasting at hunts. On the other hand, i dont like outfits and so i pratically have nothing, where my money goes to. Every 5 hours a refill for my softboots and some bp mana. But that was it. Then you have all the money there. I could buy some lovely items with it, but hey, i want em more by questing it myself, then buying a superrare for more then 10kk. So decided, that at least my premmy should be payed by the game and when there are some bucks left okay, then maybe i can buy a new mouse or a better keyboard from it. I know some people, that bhought from the earned money a new chair, so they sit much more comfortable while playing Tibia.
Another kind of seller are the people, that supporting friends. For example, you have a nice treasure at the tibian bank and a friend of you want to buy for example 1 million gp. Normally this type of player is not in the selling business, but for his friend he makes some trades, but nothing big at all. So the friends prefer to make the trade with each other, then with some stranger.
Almost next to em are the people who quit with Tibia. They  see the end, but still they are not far enough from the game to hand their stuff to the fishes. So they decide to sell everything they own ingame and then walk away forever from the game.
The last and most rare Seller is the legend. They have earned in the early tibian years such richness, that they still around in the game. Okay, they don’t play it anymore, but when you reached this status, then its hard to stay away.  Their names are still whispered when the storys goes around the superrares and uniques. Some old items are rented from em by other players and they have an income ingame. This income they sell every month and hold a line to the game.
Okay, there is kind of sellers, the botusers, but they should all be deleted. They ruin the economy of the game and destroying the fun for others. Lets hope, that this day will come soon.

On the other side we have the buyer of tibian cash and items. Here we have different groups too.
At first, we have hard working people, that have no time to play Tibia all day long. They want to enjoy the game a few hours in the week, when they have time. They want to powerlevel, doing big quests, taking one adventure after the next. For sure collecting little items and garbage of other players is not the biggest adventure. So they decide to get some gps for RL-cash and use it for support of their char. They buy runes, fluids or maybe a ticket to a questteam. For them its just like an little invest into their hobby.

The next group of buyers are the collectors. From time to time at almost every server appears a rare or a unique at the tradeforum. Then almost everybody checks the balance of his account and starts dreaming of this nice item. Most of em are sold for crazy amounts of gp and even with a group behind the offer for the item, its hard to have the cash. In such cases many player decide to buy some gps to stock up their offer, till they finally hold the item in their hands.

The third group of buyers are to lazy to collect the cash themselfs. They have the time to do it, but they just won’t. They prefer the easy way and when they have some cash left, then they buy a little amount of money to have the fun in the game.

Now to the moralic question of rl-trades. For sure, the critics are right, when they say, you can’t be proud of things, that you just buy and don’t earned yourself ingame.  On the other side, Tibia is still a game and that fact should you never forget. The people come and play the game to have fun, to have a good time and chats with their friends and guildmates. Tibia was in its earlier times not a game, that was created for levels, fame and richness, it was for the pure fun. Go out, take an adventure and if you were lucky you had a chance to survive. ( The chance was very little with all that lags and kicks lol ) So when people decide to buy some gps or items for rl-money, then its their own decission. If they think, they won’t disturb their tibian time by hunting little monsters and collecting garbage, then its okay. They just want to enjoy the game in their own way of tibian life.
On pvp-servers the facts are a little bit different, cause when people buy a lot of supports, they get an advantage to other players. ( Imagine a level 20 Sorc, that can hunt all day long with SD will level up much faster, then a player, that can’t afford it) But here we have still the same constellation, cause you can ask the question in two directions. Why should be an addicted 24/7 player have an advantage about a player, that just playes some hours a week?
On non-pvp-worlds the buyer and sellers don’t hurt anybody. They have their little business and everybody is happy. Okay, it could be quiet hard for a fair player to reach some uniques, but hey, in the end im one of you, that still seeking his way for his own pair of bunnyslippers.

For the end, the warning to every player. If you decide to rl-trade, then always be very, very careful! There are many many scumbags in the rl-trades-business. Think 10 times, before you send rl-cash to the cayman island and never see it again. RL-trade is not a supported feature of Tibia, its only tolareted by cip as long as it not advertised ingame. If something went wrong with RL-trades, then you are on your own and you can’t expect help.

Maybe you have some more ideas to this topic, maybe want to tell your own opinion or want to criticizie this article, then feel to leave a comment.

(Sorry, for my typo, but article will be check soon by Porter <- thx at this point to him)

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