The automatic detection tool of Tibia from Cip

Today a little article about the automatic detection tool from Cip. Over the last few month we could all see the headlines, thousends and thousends of players were banned for using unoffical software to play Tibia. So, is this now the solution for the cheaterproblem or is there something more behind the courtain?

automatic detection tool from Cipsoft
automatic detection tool from Cipsoft

In the first place is to say, that the old Gamemaster based system didn’t work very well. Right now there are 41 Gamemaster, who enforces the tibia rules through all servers. So if  they should be as efficent, then the new automatic system, would mean, that everybody have to bann 3 players a day. Ohter things worked much better then the gamemasters. For example just remember the time, when UHs getting commen shopitems or like i would say: “ the big druid-botter-death “ 😉

But let get the facts  straight. Lets say the tool banns every month about 4k players for using unoffical software. That sounds a lot, but is it really that much? Lets think a minute like a botter and make some easy cash. Would you really have only one char, when more chars means more money? For sure you would use 5, 10 or 20 characters to bring up your wallet and if one of em is hit by the tool, the rest will go the same way. From that point of view you can divide the number of real player behind the bannished accounts down.

The second point is, that the accounts are not automaticly gets deleted. They are only banned and everything the Cheater have to do, is waiting 6 month and can start his business again. In between he can set up a new bunch of chars and it shouldn’t be to much work to bring em back to the rotwormcaves.

The third point is, that the banns keep a stable number. Should the tool not getting less and less botters if it work that well, like Cipsoft want to belive? The problem is, that Cipsoft have some cashissue there. On the one hand premium-botters are paying customers, too. Every banned account means, that they make less cash and maybe on the other side, the true und fair players can’t catch up with this amount. So why should they delete their own business?

From my point, there is still much to do about the cheater problem. Especially on PvP and enforced PvP-Worlds normal fair players have a hard stand against Cheaters. The detection tool is a nice little toy and the politics from Cipsoft to hide its true powers and functions are nice. Here i can’t belive, that they can keep it a real secret and that the bad side, don’t know anything about the tool. The truth could be somewhere in between. The old players from the old worlds still have some good direct connections towards Regensburg, that goes high above a normal friendship to a GM. They question is, why this shouldn’t work no more with the detection tool suddenly?

In the end, we have to face, that there always were and always will be cheaters in Tibia, but it is the number of player, that makes the difference. Lets hope, Cipsoft will one day find a really good solution for the problem and will bring back some old feelings to Tibia.

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