Slimetraining in Carlin + The Elf Conspiration

Today a little view on the what else you can do with the ropeable slimes in Carlin. I traveled around in Carlin and found this here.

Slimetraining Carlin A very nice way to pretend the afks from getting killed: just use em for training. On the map you can see how far the slimes can come away from their spawn, so always have an eye on the screen in Carlin!

What else is going on in the land of Secura? Im sure there is an evul Elf-conspiration going on. Till now i could only find some indications, but now i can clear see the signs on the horizon. My old trading buddy Rashid wrote me a letter my Shop in Carlin. He warned me, that there are some great order of flowersoil and dung. First i thought he maybe had one or two dwarvenbeer to much, but hey, i had the date of the deal, so my journey went to Port Hope.

Ric Storm and GM Elfaaran I almost felt down my knee, if was just visiting a meeting of the pure evil! Ric Storm ( our readers will already know him ) and the Leader of the Elvenpack GM Elfarran! I screamed hail durin, took my mighty axe „Ear-Cutter“ and tryed to bring down the evul elvenboss. But he was protected by a dark ritual and my axe broke…

The evul turned around and Rashid stepped to me. Side by side we were going on to the dark brood, but we had to less powers there. Brave we fought shoulder by shoulder, but our powers going down and durin put his face away from us. Bradford and Layonel appearing and fight on the side of the Elfs against us. Ric Storm was turning down starting with his magic and so we were lucky that we made it out alive.

The next steps should be, to form an alliance between dwarfs and human, that we can fight back the evul green hords of Ab’Dendriel!!!

Watch out, or you will be faster a flower then you can watch!

Hail Durin

Masterdworf and proud Carrier of the Digingworm in gold


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