Show of Force of Light and Queen of Light II

Before we begin: Big Gratulations to Force of Light for their 5 anniversary

But now back to my job as a reporter in the name of truth 🙂
I thought i was just in there in time around 10 hours after SS. The line was build up and it was quite a while till opening hour comes around. So i started a little buisness with Dhams and Spears.  Dham_buisness
After a while more and more people showed up, and if you belive me or not: it took me 2 1/2 hours to get in. It was amazing that the line works so good, but still there are some victims of pushers, like my guildmate Chaosredeemer, that was there on his little druid.
You can trust me, it was soooooo boring, but hey, when you have the chance to see uniques? This one thought was keeping me standing and fighting my place.


Okay, still some time and chances for a joke. Was a running gag to smuggle my pets into the line. It is not so easy, when there are 300 people waiting.


At the left down corner at the tower then the first sign, that not all should be, like the people thought. Seems so, that this is just a simple dress and not what the community hoped for.

Faked Gown

Finally made it in there still some highlights. One of the best for sure was sure the shield of my guildmate Warlock.
Warlocks shield

And for sure the best room here, where farlo let down his pants 😛 Oh and a very special suprise waited for myself: my old dwarvenhelmet was there, given by Master Player. I once sold it to him and now i can be sure, it is in good hands.


A very nice thing, was the first karm looted on secura ever. And sure, there were some more rare things, but the big uniques wasn´t there. It was not the first time for me, that i see this pair of trousers and so i ask myself, if it was worth 2.5 hours of still standing.
2.5 hours for a faked simple dress and no Horned Helmet? Maybe it was a bad idea, but i will say, i am very glad to be there!

It was a nice little action, incredible to see, that it works so good. Nice to see some GMs around, nice to see, how lovly the rares was set up. And it was really very nice. It was nice to see old faces around and it was nice to follow this strange guys back for 2.5 hours.

The big show of was not Farlos trousers ( i know warloc, but soon other shields will follow 😉 )
The really big show of was, what the securan community still is able to do!
I swear by durin and all the great dwarvenheros of Kazo, never ever another world will be able to show such a dicipline and such a respect for each other!

And still thx to Force of Light and Queen II for their work, maybe next time you get a beep from Shadow and Princess.



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