Sell my shop in Carlin – Theater Avenue 14

Hi Securians,

i’m selling my nice shop in Carlin. It is the biggest shop in Carlin, has 2 entries, 1 bed and 3 rooms. Even an own dustbin is in there. This is the link for the auction: >> [S] biggest shop in Carlin <<

More information and a pic inside this article.

Picture of Shop in Carlin Welcome costomers,

today i have a very special offer to you, the biggest shop of Carlin, but before we talk about odinary things like gp and price, let me show this little hut to you.

The shop likes lovely at the western towngate of Carlin and a special thing is, that it has 3 rooms and 2 entries and very special for a shop a bed.
With this two entries its perfect for a running buisness like trade or a gamblestation. The roof is quiet and gives a you a wonderful view to the ghostland. Behind the house you have your own mill and your own cornfield. If you are more a fisherman, then a farmer, you have to step only 5 sqm to the river or 20 sqm to fish in the open sea from your very private tongue of land.
For your fast thrill there are 5 sqm in front of this house 5 smq down the sewers a perfect doulbe rotworm-spawn and not far away for our trainingfriends some slimes. Its nice laying at the mainstreet and the depot is only 10 seconds away.

Theater Avenue 14 (Shop)
This shop has one bed.

The house has a size of 47 square meters. The monthly rent is 2115 gold and will be debited to the bank account on Secura.

The house has been rented by Amuno. He has paid the rent until Dec 11 2008, 09:03:47 CET.

startbid: 250k autowin: 350k

your estate agent


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