Securan Guild Alliance at end?

In the last days you can find many hate topics on the securan board about the SGA. There are some bad informations about em and many polls about their future. Here a little text, that will discuss the situation.

The biggest problem of the SGA is, that they don’t know, how to handle their own goals. They want to make Secura a better place, but they won’t be responsible for the server. They clearly see many problems on the world, but the prefer to talk about it, then stand up.
For sure not everything is bad, their events are good and help the community a lot. But nobody thinks about events, when they talk about the SGA, it’s all about the blacklist. The blacklist-idea is not bad and we once have seen on secura, that it can work. Okay, there were other times and the Blacklistmembers was powerful people, with the possibility to stop bad people. Nowadays a lvl 100 can’t be stopped from big actions and questteams even take bad persons in their lines, just to have a few bucks more in their wallet. There are no longer a bunch of people that shadows the bad guys of the server and the botters / botters are well connected to the securan community.
The majority of the guilds have at least a few botters in their lines and personally i only know about 3-4 Guilds, what i called a good and cheaterfree guild, with a nice behavior. That makes it hard for the last few good players on secura and even hard for the Securan Guild Alliance. They have many black sheeps in their own lines.
So if you follow the idea of the SGA, you have a really lonly live in Tibia, cause you have have to break friendships destructive behavior, for cheating, for bans and just to stay straight behind the goal of the SGA. That’s for sure not easy and many member of the SGA would prefer to leave the SGA, then leaving a so called „friend“
The next point is, that they are in some points a little bit wired. They say, that they want to enforce the Community Law to make the server a better place, but on the other hand, they won’t list people for their bans, cause they don’t want to take over the jobs of GMs. So i have to ask, when there is no higher instance of justice at Tibia then GMs and CMs, why they don’t trust their adjudgement? Even worse, that they want to talk about the bans, when one of their members is the „victim“.  It’s seems a little bit, that they mess the people with two different laws and that is exactly the point, that upset the free players of Secura.
For an example i take the „Farlo Beat-Case“, in that i was personally deep involved. Im not saying, that Farlo was a bad person in RL or that he shows a bad behavior to many other people, but he was a cheater and nowadays it is a little bit boring in Tibia, so you need from time to time a worthy enemy :p
I accuse Farlo and some others for their actions at the boards and fast i have always many monsters running behind me and some magic walls from knights in front of me. At least it was a funny time for me and i was lucky to survive all the traps 🙂 The other point at this topic is, that almost everbody knew, that Farlo was a cheater, but still a nice person. He pointed the finger at the boards at me and said hunted with some others of the evul once.  At this point, i was really happy about it, cause i took a walk to the SGA-headquater and cryed a little bit around, that some of the SGA-Members were hunting me for telling the truth and have clear evidence by writing it themselfs at the boards.
I didn’t have to long wait for the reaction of the SGA, but not in the way i thought: Farlo and the others were told to edit their posts, so that the evidence was gone. Fast and good help, but not for the helpseeking guy…

The last point is, that they are afraid to take the control over the server. They are not inforcing their rules, they don’t shadow people, they are more present at the securan boards and in the SGA-board then on the server. That is the point, where Dies Irae comes into the Game, cause that Guild knows how much power SGA could have, when they only want. DI and their behavior is not the topic here, but imagine how much worth would their bunch of ppl when they no longer involved in the community, when nobody cares about their quests and nobody wants to trade with them. At least you can see, that is the truth, when you just look at the boards and all the little arrows shooten by them. A big guild of high-level players, that clearly fear something within or around the SGA…

So in the end, it is the decission of the SGA, how their future will be and for sure many people will laugh at me and say, now he is finally getting crazy, but hey, it is Tibia, maybe you can gimme at least a good few minutes of rabbit-run at the next open test-server 🙂 So i want to say tanks to the SGA, that they hear me in their meetings (even if they don’t really understand what i trying to tell :p ) and thanks to the bad guys, that really spice up my tibian life.

3 Antworten auf „Securan Guild Alliance at end?“

  1. your points of view aren’t supported by any good examples or proofs.
    However i totally agree on the part where you say they’re afraid to take over the server. However, wait for the adjustments and then you will change your mind

  2. Read the SCL and think before writing. it clearly allows you to shadow any offender without any punishments to your side.
    Your problem is that you have a point of view and won’t change it no matter what. People call that „intolerance“!
    No idea why i am wasting my time with you. You’re simply to stubborn and not fit to see the whole picture…

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