Queen Eloise of Carlin

Queen Eloise of Carlin is one of the few Queens in Tibia and it is still a human 🙂 She not really loves the man and is a very emanzipated woman. She is guarded by Fenbala und Barbara. For premium player she sells prototions for 20.000 gp.

Conversations:11:26 Amuno the Druid [35]: hail queen eloise
11:26 Queen Eloise: I greet thee, my loyal subject.

11:27 Amuno the Druid [35]: queen
11:27 Queen Eloise: I am the Queen, the only rightful ruler on the continent!

11:27 Amuno the Druid [35]: tibia
11:27 Queen Eloise: Soon the whole land will be ruled by women at last!

11:27 Amuno the Druid [35]: god
11:27 Queen Eloise: We honor the gods of good in our fair city, especially Crunor, of course.

11:27 Amuno the Druid [35]: quest
11:27 Queen Eloise: I will call for heroes as soon as the need arises again.

11:28 Amuno the Druid [35]: how are you
11:28 Queen Eloise: Thank you, I’m fine.

11:28 Amuno the Druid [35]: time
11:28 Queen Eloise: Don’t worry about time in the presence of your Queen.

11:28 Amuno the Druid [35]: job
11:28 Queen Eloise: I am Queen Eloise. It is my duty to reign over this marvellous city and the lands of the north.

11:28 Amuno the Druid [35]: help
11:28 Queen Eloise: Visit the church or the townguards for help.

11:28 Amuno the Druid [35]: promotion
11:28 Queen Eloise: Do you want to be promoted in your vocation for 20000 gold?

11:29 Amuno the Druid [35]: thais
11:29 Queen Eloise: They dare to reject my reign over them!

11:31 Amuno the Druid [35]: sewer
11:31 Queen Eloise: I don’t want to talk about ’sewers‘.

11:31 Amuno the Druid [35]: monsters
11:31 Queen Eloise: Go and hunt them! For queen and country!

11:35 Amuno the Druid [35]: treasure
11:35 Queen Eloise: The royal treasure is hidden beyond the grasps of any thieves by magical means.

11:36 Amuno the Druid [35]: druids
11:36 Queen Eloise: The druids of Carlin are our protectors and advisors. Their powers provide us with wealth and food.

11:36 Amuno the Druid [35]: food
11:37 Queen Eloise: Feel free to visit our town’s magnificent shops.

11:37 Amuno the Druid [35]: shops
11:37 Queen Eloise: My subjects maintain many fine shops. Go and have a look at their wares.

11:38 Amuno the Druid [35]: knights
11:38 Queen Eloise: The knights of Carlin are the bravest.

11:38 Amuno the Druid [35]: paladin
11:38 Queen Eloise: The paladins are great hunters.

11:38 Amuno the Druid [35]: gold
11:38 Queen Eloise: Our city is rich and prospering.

11:42 Amuno the Druid [35]: castle
11:42 Queen Eloise: It’s my humble domain.
11:38 Amuno the Druid [35]: bye
11:38 Queen Eloise: Farewell, Amuno the Druid!
11:37 Amuno the Druid [35]: sell
11:37 Queen Eloise: Sell? Your question shows that you are a typical member of your gender!

11:43 Queen Eloise: Typical behaviour for males!

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  1. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  2. As far as i know, there is only this site, that have the conversations with the npcs like this. Many sites offering quest-spoils-conversations.
    But you should always very carful, with entering other homepages.

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