PK-trap in Carlin

At the moment there are one of the most used PK-places Carlin. I try to get since about 10 days a GM right here, but nobody shows up, so i tell here how it works, that you can avoide it.

First, don’t stay afk in Carlin or you will be their aim. They will push you direction druidguild or mill. ( Yes, mill is directly in front of my house, so i have the stinky bodys in front of my house all day).
PK-Carlin Here you can see one of their victims in front of my house.  So you see, it works and it works fast if a half dozend slimes attacking you. Even if you are a highlvl they eat up your hp really fast.  If you have to go afk, went up stairs somewhere in Carlin and you are safe. If you stay in front of the depot they will instant fish you out.

Carlin-Town-Slime Here you can see the ropeable slimes in the middle of Carlin. Its a short way and when they work in a group the slime is within 30 seconds on the surface of Carlin. As single-Pk i think it will take you around 45 seconds till it is on surface.

Carlin-Slime-Ropeplace Here is the place where the Slime is roped up. As you can see its really in the middle of town and the PK-troups have a easy game with their victims.
If they get you out and you know it in time, then report em and stay as long as possible afk. Maybe a gm will arrive in time.

Here are some of the known PKs so far:
11:10 You see Thie Jeffer (Level 22). He is a sorcerer.
11:10 You see Sorcerka Walki (Level 51). She is a sorcerer. She is Young Hero of the Heroes Guild.
Kaster Palladyn a lvl 104 Pala of Heroes Guild with his second char Nomad Wielki

Seems so that the Heroes Guild is a little group of PK, Thiefs and Scumbags.
Whatever, if you don’t stay afk in Carlin, they can’t get you!

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