Perac in Carlin – Paladinshop

Perac lives near of Carlin west town gate. He have small business there running and his blackboard says:
11:21 You see a blackboard.
You read: Bow – 400 gold
Crossbow – 500 gold
10 Arrows – 30 gold
10 Bolts – 40 gold
He is fletcher and marksman extraordinaire.

11:19 Amuno [142]: hi
11:19 Perac: Oh, please come in. What do you need?

11:25 Amuno [142]: job
11:25 Perac: I am the fletcher of Carlin. I am selling bows, crossbows, and ammunition. Do you need anything?

11:26 Amuno [142]: marksman
11:26 Perac: I am a paladin and the best marksman in the land.

11:26 Amuno [142]: ammunition
11:26 Perac: Do you need arrows for a bow or bolts for a crossbow?

11:27 Amuno [142]: no
11:27 Perac: Hmm, but next time.

11:30 Amuno [142]: good bye
11:30 Perac: Good bye.

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