Padreia in Carlin – Grand Druid

Padreia live in Carlin and can be found in the druid guild. She say, she is the Grand Druid of Carlin and takes care of the fields, the citizen health and the guild. She sells cough syrup for 50 gp and some druid spells. At the top of the druid guild is a nice little garden. You can find the guild next to the Carlin Clanhall.

Druid Spells
Find Person (lvl 8) 80 gp
Light (lvl 8) 100 gp
Light Healing (lvl 9) 170 gp
Antidote (lvl 10) 150 gp
Intense Healing (lvl 11) 350 gp
Great Light (lvl 13) 500 gp
Food (lvl 14) 300 gp
Magic Shield (lvl 14) 450 gp
Poison Field (lvl 14) 300 gp
Antidote Rune (lvl 15) 600 gp
Intense Healing Rune (lvl 15) 600 gp
Fire Field (lvl 15) 500 gp
Light Magic Missile (lvl 15) 500 gp
Convince Creature (lvl 16) 800 gp
Destroy Field (lvl 17) 700 gp
Energy Field (lvl 18) 700 gp
Ice Wave (lvl 18) 850 gp
Ultimate Healing (lvl 20) 1000 gp
Creature Illusion (lvl 23) 1000 gp
Ultimate Healing Rune (lvl 24) 1500 gp
Stalagmite (lvl 24) 1400 gp
Heavy Magic Missile (lvl 25) 1500 gp
Summon Creature (lvl 25) 2000 gp
Chameleon (lvl 27) 1300 gp
Fire Bomb (lvl 27) 1500 gp
Poison Wall (lvl 29) 1600 gp
Avalanche (lvl 30) 1200 gp
Explosion (lvl 31) 1800 gp
Fire Wall (lvl 33) 2000 gp
Invisible (lvl 35) 2000 gp
Terra Wave (lvl 38) 2500 gp
Energy Wall (lvl 41) 2500 gp19:32 Amuno the Druid [34]: hi
19:32 Padreia: Crunor’s blessings. I am glad to see you again, Amuno the Druid!

19:33 Amuno the Druid [34]: time
19:33 Padreia: Time is just a crystal pillar – the centre of creation and life.

19:33 Amuno the Druid [34]: job
19:33 Padreia: I am the grand druid of Carlin. I am responsible for the guild, the fields, and our citizens‘ health.

19:33 Amuno the Druid [34]: name
19:33 Padreia: I am Padreia, grand druid of our fine city.

19:34 Amuno the Druid [34]: druid
19:34 Padreia: We are druids, preservers of life. Our magic is about defence, healing, and nature.

19:49 Amuno the Druid [34]: defence magic
19:49 Padreia: Every druid is able to learn the numerous spells of our craft.

19:38 Amuno the Druid [34]: spells
19:38 Padreia: I can teach you rune spells and instant spells. What kind of spell do you wish to learn? You can also tell me for which level you would like to learn a spell if you prefer that.

19:40 Amuno the Druid [34]: cough syrup
19:40 Padreia: Do you want to buy a bottle of cough syrup for 50 gold?
19:40 Amuno the Druid [34]: yes
19:40 Padreia: Thank you. Here it is.
19:40 You see a flask of cough syrup.
It weighs 3.00 oz.
It smells like herbs.

19:46 Padreia: Farewell, Amuno the Druid. May Crunor be with you, my child.

19:51 Amuno the Druid [34]: bye
19:51 Padreia: Farewell, Amuno the Druid.

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