Orshabaal strikes Secura

This day it come true. Secura gets a visit from nice Orshabaal.
First the troops stand together at the entrance to backlands of Edron and all waited together full of fear. I was really lucky to see some higher level knights around, so they should do the job 🙂 Finally Farlo Beat showed up and it was a quiet commen, that we found our blocker.

But first let me tell the beginn. I was standing at Mr. Bluedjin himself with tears in my eyes, that i finally get some cash into my hands. 30 seconds later my dealer Wampi the Druid msg me: „pssst, pssst man i got the blue drugs for you… Only best stuff man! You need it, you want it, so buy it!“ Almost broke again, but with a lots of blue pills the unholy messages starts and my only thought, why i have my nice blue drugs, when i dont use it? Lets go and maybe if no other knight is on, im going to block this little nice demonchild. ( Drugs are evul! Down with the might of Druids in Tibia!!! ) And now back to the point of no return 🙂

Brave we went down and showed some steps left and some steps right, like a shy maiden… only to run back fast to the steps and go up. Then the first deathmessages arrives us as yells and shortly after that, more deathmessages about the guys that screamed the first deaths. He was coming near.
He crossed the steps and get caught on the way to the skells, a demon on the one way behind him. Orshi shows really angry and we instant started yelling, that we trapped him. AND THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!!
All people come from the stairs and want a good look on Orshi. The frontpeople get stuck in the crowd and it comes like it has to come… the traper get pushed around the corner and Orshi with his demons were not very friendly to him. Orshi was free again and rushes into the crowd killed many brave warriors and finally i have to face him. The first hit i could easy heal and i tryed to heat north to killing place. After 4-5 steps he gives me a fucking hard Combo and i go instant down, still the screams in the ears from the Crowd:

And the worst of its all:
Nov 01 2007, 12:40:35 CETDied at Level 127 by fire

I mean how bad is this? You go down, i get him finally alone right behind my ass and then the last few HP going away by fire? Oh, that hurts badly and only the time of my death could tell the truth.

Secura finally let him bite the dust and after i bought a new AOL i went with Cold fighter of hell again around their and we were following the „path of death“. Many brave Bros and Sis going down today, but once again, Secura won a big battle!

Loot from Orshabaal: ICE RAPIER…



Here the picture from Erik… guess where i meet Orshi?

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