Jobs in Tibia

Tibia is a MMPORG with seven skills and for the pro some magic. You can`t sit, you can`t do much things and it roots is directly put for pen & paper. Always the people had to use their brains to have some fun in tibia and maybe thats the most important advantage Tibia have.
This article will show some ways of life in Tibia and how people try to earn some gp without hunting and runemakeing. It is more important then level, xp and richness. It is a little bit like the true spirit of Tibia. Cip shown us that oldschool style the last time when they make us able to swim in Tibia 8.1. Here now some examples about jobs of Tibia.

Hawker in Tibia One very intresting job in Tibia is to be a hawker. Business run better since Tibiaupdate 8.1. when the new beaches came into the game. Best products are orginal 666-Jeans, suntan oil, orginal Rolex and cooled coconuts. From time to time you have only defend your area against other hawkers. At all you shouldn’t have big problems if you pay your taxes first of every month to your local hawkerunion.

Trusty Backer One very famous job in Tibia is to be a baker. You can learn it with your first steps in Rookgard. First you have to cut wheat with a scythe and go to a mill. There you grind it to flour. You add some water to the flour and finally bake the lumpf of dough at an oven. There are many more products you can sell as a baker. Cakes, Rolls, brown bread and more. It is an intresting job and if you have a bakery next to the depot of your city, you can earn a lot.

flower seller One almost forgotten job is the flower seller. You can’t imagine how much money you are able to earn with this job. Every girl loves flowers and so they are used pretty often. At daytime you run the normal shop and sell indoorplants, some plants and flowers for garden or maybe have to decorate a big wedding. When the sun goes down a power-flower-seller have to travel around the taverns, bars and restaurants. Always keep looking for a couple on their first date. If you see one of em, then keep screaming RED ROSES RED ROSES till he buy all of em.

Postman If you won’t run your own buisnes, then you can start and work for the Tibian Mail. Just go and ask Kevin. Okay, its not the biggest wallet you will earn, but hey, you see everything of Tibia. You have to get love poems, postcards from the last corner of hell or massproduction like the daily parcel-delivery from the amazon camp. A good and clean job for a good tibian.

fisherman One of the oldest jobs is to be a fisherman. You are outside, find a nice quiet place to fish and hope for a big catch. At least it’s one of the few jobs that train a skill. The products of the sea are always welcome to every player and so you have a stable income. You can choose to fish with rods, spears or big nets. Most of your catch you sell directly to Mages, that need ‚em for their stinky magic. From time to time you can even hook a nice little mermaid.

mafia werther II If you want you can join one of the many organisations out there in Tibia and run your own special business. You can work in gambling halls, in protection groups, in duty-groups and quest-groups. On PvP-Worlds many player work in special „Welcome to main, gimme all your money-groups“. If you are really skilled in your job, you will maybe one day invited to be in the blue-cape-group, that takes 25% from every business running in Tibia.

The Farmer:
Trusty Farmer Working as a farmer is a life with the nature. There are times when you have to work hard and times where you enjoy your growing wheat. Maybe you have some animals, that need a lot of care. The farmers are the back of the tibian heros. They provide the people and towns with healthy food. Most farmers know the tibian weather for the next few days and its important for them to get a good crop.

ice gelati tibia Another beautiful job is to sell ice to the people. Only thing, you have to be very fast and have always a look on the traffic. You travel much as a ice seller. Buying fresh fruit from a farmer, travel the northern icelands for good ice and then fast, fast back to the hot areas of Tibia. Best business was done in Darashia and at the beaches of Thais and Rookgard.

The next days and weeks will be more and more jobs here. If you have some nice ideas for jobs in Tibia, please leave a comment.

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