How to deal with highlvl xp thiefs :)

So, you all know the story if you play secura or non-pvp.

You hunting a free spawn and then the „evul Highlvl“ appears. Screaming „Mine Mine Mine“ and start attacking the monsters that are on you. He ist faster then you, hit harder and get the loot. So the question ist how to deal with this really sucking sitution. Here is one suggestion for it.

If you run around with him and hit his monster, then you steal the highlvl some xp. Okay, but he still gets the loot and his hunt will pay more out. Better is, to hit him, where it really hurts!
Go to a point, where you are able to block a big part of the spawn! Highlvls are Powergamers, they hunt for many xp / hour.
An example, while i writing this article i block the most of Frost Dragon respawn of Angel of Distance. I think i block around 4 Frostys and 2 Drags.
Lets do some math. He thiefed me the xp of one half Frosty in double xp week = 2200 xp and the other half of a second Frosty 2200 xp again, makes around 4400 xp for him…

Lets say the Frostys would spawn every hmmmm 5 minutes that would be…
4x 4200 + 2x 1400 xp = 19.200 xp / 5 minutes
Lets say almost 200.000 xp / hour.

I think it will hurt a little bit. Okay, the problem i can’t hunt in this time too, but hey, i am writing here, read the forums and check out whats new on or around tibia. I know, its a little bit boring from time to time, but how other chance you have to get some respect?

Crying for GM that won’t come? Crying for 20 friends that all get boring after a few minutes? I can tell, no cry just bring his xp-rate a little bit down. Works like a wonder from time to time 🙂

So, now i have to leave
a big spawn is waiting for me as blocker
and Angel of distance can have back the spawn
and maybe with a little tear, that he xpthiefed the 4200 xp…

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