Hero cave in Edron – places for monk training

As knight and pally you know, that from time to time some hours of training are really important for your charakter. If you reach nice skills the slimes will just explode under your knife and maybe you are not willing to click all 30 seconds on a news cyclop. There normal choice is then between monk and gemomancer as trainingmonster.
This article will show some nice training places for monks in the hero-cave at edron.

Monk train 1 hero cave edronHere you can see a nice little monkspawn on the herolvl of edron. This is the questspawn if you cross the single hero to the north and take the first room to the east side 2 level down. The room above is a monk-spawn with 2 monks, but you can be roped up at the letters so the quest room is the better choice to train. Like everywhere in the hero-cave you should have always an eye on the screen to stay alive. If you want to train activ with some xp, then just kill the monks slow on full def and change the 2 rooms from time to time. You will have a constantly spawning stream of monks.

Now here are four other training places for monks in the hero cave:

monk train edron hero cave 2 This is the second trainingspot for monks. Its the room west of the tripplehero and i strongly suggest, let 1 monk alive to train while waiting for the spawn of the hero down. Its much better then standing around and do nothing till the monsters spawn. So you can train and make a nice money from the hero. At this place its very important to watch the screen, cause they can instant rope monsters up to you and bring a char down in a few seconds!

monk train tripple hero edron Here is the third option to train with monks. Maybe for some server its the best option, for others its the worst. Its the room above the tripple hero. While hunting the heros you can train in your breaks with the monks. On non-pvp-servers the monks are mostly killed down by other people waiting or checking the spawn. Afk-training is here the worst idea you can have. There can be roped up a bunch of hero and this will bring you down really fast.

monk train edron 4 This is the next good trainingplace for monks. You can find it, when you head south and take the stairs up at the Giantspider-spawn. At the bookshelfs you can take 2 monks and then go with em in the estern corner of the cave. Its a pretty quiet and nice trainingsplace and you won’t become visit often. Still you can be killed there with a lured priestress, so you shouldn’t stay to long afk. If two monks are makeing to much damage you can take a wildwarrior as second monster from a little bit more north.

monk train edron 5 This is the next suggest for monk-training in the hero cave. Its directly above the pentagram shaped room. There is a tripple monk spawn. You can decide to kill 1 or 2 of em and train with the rest. If you want a full train, then only kill one. Otherwise rope up monsters from the pentagramm room and keep killing em. This is a very lonley spawn and there won’t be much traffic. Still you should look out for some other players, that trying their luck at the unsolved quest there. Even if the won’t kill you, they can have some ds behind em from the spawn behind the bridge in the east.

There are more monkspawns in there herocave in edron and some of em are trainable, too. Most of these spawns are really dangerous to train or you blocking the way for traveler, like to train with a monk on the singleherospawn below the dragons. Good luck, good loot and nice adventures.

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