Formorgar Mines – new trainingsplace

Here is a new nice litte trainingsplace for knights. Wasn’t so easy to find a place, which is not crowded by a waitinque of EKs. This place still works fine for me as lvl 143 EK with skills 94/90 ( I know its fucking bad, but thats why i need a trainingsplace 😀 )

trainingsplace-mines So here you can see it on the first lvl of Formorgar Mines with the hoist. Its located a little bit south-east of the stairs where you go down to the ghost. Read more, to learn how it works:

Only attack the gargoyle to your right and keep the fire on him. I use at the moment with my skill balanced fight. If he gets below 30 hp, he will try to escape and run down to the between 2 fields untill he healed up. In Between the other gargoyle will keep hiting you and train your shieldskill. When the attacked Gargoyle healed up he returns to his position and you will automaticly fight with him again. He never gets out your aim.
So you can do some buisness, read the forum or chat with you friends without getting crazy by clicking the mouse every 2 seconds.

traininsmap-mines1 Here we start with the problems of that place. You can see on the picture the green dot, thats our trainingsplace. I strongly suggest that you start luring with the gargoyle from the south spawn. Then bring the gargoyle from the west and WATCH HIM!!!! The Gargoyle from the westspawn is the one to your left at the trainingsplace!!! If you move one step more with him, he poffs! So its not so easy to get this training started. So if you leave or move from your place one gargoyle poffs if you dont kill him. Just remember to bring enough food here, cause you won’t have the chance to get some fresh after starting it.
Right now all is working fine for 120 minutes now, even if i still fear i could give the escaping gargoyle a master-double-knife-hit and bring it down.
Enjoy this nice new auto-traingplace and remember, always have an eye on the screen!!! Its tibia and not afk-bia.

If you think its to much stress to get that both gargoyles exactly like this there, then you can just use the eastern red spot and train there with a single gargoyle and a bandit as second attacker. But you have to watch out, cause Cults spanws and will visit you there!

Goroma-firstfloor-trainOn the first floor of the hoist, there is just a few steps west even a nice place to train. 3 Gargoyles spawn there and you have a nice left end. The problem here is, that it can took you very long to get em back here. If you watch every minute one time on the screen you can change your aim and the gargoyles will stay almost healty. From this points its less afk here but better training cause you and both gargoyles keep hitting all the time.

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