First bann after almost 10 years of Tibia

Finally i made it, my first bann ever in my hole tibian life. But guess for what i was banned: Not for cheating, not for hacking, not thiefing, not for advertisment, just for telling the truth. Brandon Blinn is leaving the server Secura and almost everyone knows, that he was a hacker. He was once caught and changed his life for the public in the last 2 years. In his goodbye-topic the lickers from the SGA are really brown-faced by telling him how much the will miss him and what a good player he is. I see the other side of the coin 😉 Check out the screens

Bann of the Account Amuno
Bann of the Account Amuno

Really cool, a little bann and the best is the reason. For telling the truth i get a bann of one nice week. Would anybody else say, that there are some corrupt GMs out there?

But lets go ahead and see the topic, that is still open at the boards. Its a little bit wired, that my orginal posting has gone, but hey, i have been banned for it. Lucky that Vujashek Tip Top quoted my posting:

forum topic for Brandon Blinn Good bye
forum topic for Brandon Blinn Good bye

So now you can see, that all i said is, that its a good day for Secura if a ‚“Ex-hacker“ leave the world. Okay and i said, that it is maybe not so good, that the biggest group of players, that want to warn the good people of bad people, hackers, thiefs, sharers, thiefs, is whining, when this person leave the game.

The problem with the Securan Guild Alliance is, that the have no balls. On the one hand, they want a good nice server and on the other hand they do nothing for it. They give everyone a second, third, fourth, ….. chance and hey, we all know, how often a cheater changes his mind == > Never!

So in the end i am a little bit proud, that im such a pain in the ass for the SGA, that they have no better idea to get rid of me, then gimme a bann. Never ever cheated, never ever hacked and so on and just yeah, get a bann cause of the group, that should protect players…

Hmm, maybe we should think again a little bit about the situation, not about my whining about the bann, but about the big business behind it. First you have to find a Seniortutor, that record my posting and forward it to Cip and then you should have a CM/Cip-Worker, that is ready to bann me for the truth.  Really bad tongues would maybe think about some special links to the Cip-Office in Regensburg. Every old Tibia player nows about that connections and that they still working.  Yeah Yeah, or what do you think Kleiner Druid?

However, everybody should make his own picture of the situation, but be sure, for the next 6 month i just shut up and let the bad side play their little dirty games on Secura. Proud supported by the Securan Guild Alliance!

Cu all in 6 Month 🙂

Your masterdworf


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