Double Hero Edron – Moneystation

This is a little description about the Doubleherospawn in Edron. It is a nice litte place to hunt, especially if you not really have time.  Here is a little guide how to make some money out of it, most written for knights, but still useful for pallys, mages and druids.

The Herocave is located at the north-west-corner of Edron. If you quest on your own you should stop reading here, cause there is a little quest too.You should be preapared to face all things up to dragon untill you arrive the first hero. At the single herospawn take the way to the west and you will find easy the Doubleherospawn.  The mainspawn there is:
2 heros, 2 demonskeleton, 1 priest, 1 orcshaman
If you stand right you can block the priest, the shaman and one demonskel from spawning. So you have a nice little spawn, that comes automatic to you. Worst case is, that ds and hero spawns at one time, but should be easy to handle. Best way is to bring down the ds first, so that you don’t have to much shieldbreaks and it can’t heal like the hero.

doubleherospawn For pallys you can stay and block like a knight if you have a nice shieldskill or you can use the altars to outrun the monsters. Problem if you run, is that there could be the shaman or the priest spawn.  Mages and Druids should look, that the bring em fast down.

Why it is a moneystation? Sure its only 2 heros and ds, but a knight with good skills can stand there half afk and only heal with softboots. If you have strong skills you dont have to wear softboots all the time, only every second or third hero. Hero drops very good and almost everything is sellable to npc or djin.  So just bring some food and softies and you can use almost your full cap to carry loot.  Even if there is no rare or semi-rare drop you can get some cash out of the restdrop.
Till now heros are the only monsters that drops the hole Crownset, so until the last update the Clegs were a very nice item to sell to player and they still find a place, even if there are blue legs out. (Worst case still sell em to djin). So if you want to surf, chat or to do something where you have only one eye for tibia, you can easy use the doubleherospawn. You see when the hero apperas on the battlelist and can then change bring tibia then back to the top of your screen.

hero1hphit So if you just stand there you don’t have to run like a chicken or search for monsters, they just keep coming to you and bring some nice cash.
Disatvantage is the slow xp / hour. Thats really worse and for power-lvling almost useless. Another disatvantage is, that you better don’t forget tibia in the background! Always have an eye on the battlelist or you can be fast dead. Imagine you just forget it and then hope, that you can stand a hero and a ds for 15 minutes till afk-kick.

Questspoiler: **************************************
At the south end of the herocave you find 2 questboxes. They contain a clubring and a red gem.

What’s left to say? It is located in a very nice dungeon, with maybe one or two unsolved secrets till now. If you hunt there half afk you will have time to think about it. Okay, maybe most of the time you have to wait for the spawn, but it is a nice spawn and a good EK will have his fun there.

Oh, if you want stay there really long don’t forget to bring some hundred brown mushies with you.

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