Demon Oak Quest – Demonlegs in Tibia

With the Tibia-Update 8.2 comes a new Quest to our beloved lands called Demon Oak Quest. Till now it is not a spoiled Quest, but there are some news and some informations about it.

The Quest starts down in Plains of havoc (Poh) and there is one Team in Astera did it. The reward is out so you choose out of: Demon Legs, Rainbow Shield, Royal Crossbow and Spellbook of Dark Mysteries.

So it come to a big cry in the community, that the famous Demonlegs are now obtainable for everbody. Cip showed a reaction here

„CM Denson Larika
Customer Support

Hi guys,

first of all it was not our intention to make ‚demon legs‘ common. They should still be ultra rare.
Well, seems that we again underestimated our players
Fix is already on it’s way to limit the chance of obtaining them.
Gratz to the lucky ppl who got them and ’sorry‘ for the people who won’t get them so easy now

Kind regards


So what will the future bring? Will it be a one-time-item again? Will it come to an only one-time update quest? We will see, i wish everybody a nice quest-time.

Till now i made many investigations, i can feel the solution is up to me.

demonoak-quest solution and full spoil

Seems, that the team found a not common way to the quest. Here some news from the front:

„CM Denson Larika
Customer Support
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Calm down everybody,
it’s not that they abused a bug, so no reset.“

So the true quest way is still not found till now.

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