a good tibian day: some nice things

Finally i found some spare time and decided to go and hunt a little bit again. In the first place, it seems to be a boring day like everytime on Okolnir, but then some nice things came up.

First i have to say, this was a day, when my new Premium arrived, so you have me behind your back on premmy-areas for at least another 360 days :) That was the first good news for me.

first ice mammoth Then another thing happend for that i lost all my hope. I shaped the first perfectly icestatue. A litte mammoth, after almost 2 years of shaping iceblocks it happens suddenly to me. I know, it is nothing worth as much as when it was fresh on the server, but hey, first time ever for me. I think it was maybe some thousend iceblocks, that i looted and shaped and so far i failed two times on the last level. Really a nice thing and you can belive me, that im happy about that.

Tibia Only 15 minutes later i get another nice advance to level 154. Not so bad, still around the top 200 of the server and that with my little break over the last 2 month. Next goals for my little knight is to get some training and make the hunts on Okonir more payable for me. Loot was for sure not bad today, but still i played only break even from the point of gp.

And at least and maybe the best news of today: if everything going well i will soon leave my little shop in Carlin and move to another town in Tibia. A little house is getting free. Its not big, but i can remember it from my early tibian days back almost 10 years now. I dream of this little house since the day i enter Secura and maybe when im lucky, i can buy it now.

I know, its a little bit show of this time, but hey, it have to be from time to time 😉



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Hi, ich bin der Marc und schreibe ab und zu fürs Literaturasyl. Ich lese gerne, mag die klassische Literatur und halte Bücher für den schönsten Wandschmuck. In letzter Zeit gibt es auch immer öfter ein Hörbuch. Egal ob Roman, Krimi, Thriller oder Sachbuch: wenn es gut geschrieben ist, finde ich es gut.

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  1. Hübschestes Mammut der Welt, das du da geschnitzt hast. Ich bin ganz schrecklich unglaublich stolz auf dich du Knuff.

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